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Here you will find answers to possible questions you have about the process, the shop, location and other.


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the shop

I work at Dropout Collective, a shop in the centre of Copenhagen, Denmark.

In the shop you will find coffee, water, sodas and nuts as a snack for free during the session. The enviroment is relaxed and professional.

Price guidelines

Here you can see some examples of prices, but it is just a reference. You will be given a quote after sending a request via the booking form

Half day session
4.500-5.000DKK / ≈600-660€ / ≈660-720$

Day session
8.500-10.000DKK / ≈1.140-1.340€ / ≈1.250-1.465$

Two day sessions

Several sessions
(estimated depending on project)


First, you submit the booking form. After, you should look for the auto-reply email in your inbox or Spam folder.

You will receive an answer in up to a week, by my manager Martina. She will give you a budget and/or suggestions based on my reveiew.

If your idea fits my style, and there is an agreement in price, size and design, then Martina will find a date and time that suits us both.

You will then receive a text with instructions to approve terms and conditions from the Danish Health Department and a link to pay the booking fee (1.000 DKK per session) by card. Once the payment is done, the date is officially confirmed.

Some details will be decided on the day of the appointment such as final size, exact placement and some parts of the final design.


We wIll look at the design together on the day of your appointment.

On the day we will still be able to do changes and additions, and decide the best placement and size.

During the booking process via email, I always make sure to have all the details I need, so usually no modification or very little is required on the day.

My manager will answer all the emails but the project can be rejected if it’s not my style, I think it will not be good as a tattoo, or if I think another tattooer will be a better fit.

In general, I only take in tattoos in my style – colour realism. similar to what I post on my Instagram feed or you can see in my gallery (recent, not more than 2-3 years old).

I also don’t do cover ups (unless it’s really small and faded so the design will not be compromised), and I do not continue on someone else’s works or incorporate existing tattoos.

I work on weekdays, starting at 9:00 and until 15:00-17:00.

Saturdays are an option exceptionally for bigger pieces that needs many sessions to finish, if available.

In order to be able to give a quote, you have to submit the booking form, so I have all the information I need to give an approximate price.

I usually give an estimation as on the day it can be bigger or take longer for some reason like making some changes or the design).

Check these price guidelines to see some examples.

I always ask for a booking fee of 1.000 DKK per session ( ≈135 €,  ≈145$) via a link to pay with card.

It will be deducted from the final price.

Without the booking fee the appointment is not saved and will be removed after a while. This fee is not refundable but I offer to move the appointment once without losing it (if said at least 3 days before).

MobilePay for danish phone numbers, otherwise you can pay by card or cash.

Make sure you get a good night’s sleep and eat a good breakfast before your time.

Take a shower beforehand and get in clean clothes. We ensure good hygiene and you are welcome to do so.

Make sure not to have the area you are gonna get tattooed damaged by the sun (sunburned or tanned).

At our studio you will find coffee, water, sodas and nuts as a snack, all for free.

Bring the lunch with you if it’s a long session, or some sweets if you feel like. We have a fridge you are welcome to borrow, and a microwave.

A good idea is to bring a charger and headset for your phone/tablet.

Loose and practical clothing is optimal over a new tattoo. For example, take shorts with if you need to be tattooed on the leg, or dresses/sweaters that can be easily opened/moved to the side.

Infections and allergic reactions are rare but may occur. It is individually based.

It you are already allergic, there is a potential small risk, but allergy to the colours is very rare. It you nave allergies, consult your doctor for a test that will give you maximum safety. This is always at your own risk, we aware you will have to approve terms from the Danish Health Department.

Please, check the information provided by the Danish Health Department regarding getting a new tattoo nere.

On the day, you will get a little goodie bag for free with the products you need to take care of your tattoo for the first 2-3 days.

I will also give you some general guidelines on the day, and you will get a link to the aftercare process on my website on the email confirmation.

you will just have to purchase the Panthenol tattoo cream to apply from the 3rd day (it’s possible to buy in the shop, if available).

It is very important that you make sure to follow the instructions, and go to the doctor if you develop a high fever / general feeling of illness in the body or you think you might have an infection. Please, check this information provided by the Danish Health Department to get more information regarding what to do after you get your tattoo or if you are unsure it you need to visit your doctor.

Your tattoo should only be recoloured if necessary, so you have to send a picture via email if you think your tattoo needs a redrawing. You can get a retouch for free by contacting in the following 3 months after your appointment, but only if the instructions given after finishing have been complied and if strictly necessary. 

Otherwise, the retouch will be charged of a minimum of 500 DKK, depending of how much time is needed.

If there is no available time within the three months, you won’t be charged extra as long as you contacted within the three months period after the tattoo was made. But if you contact us after three months of the date the tattoo was made, the recolour won’t be any longer for free.

There will be no booking fee if the retouch is for free. But in order to ensure that there is a serious request, you can only reschedule your appointment once within the three months period after the tattoo as done.


*If you write us to make an appointment for a recolor after three months the tattoo was made, you will be charged accorgingly.

*If your tattoo needs a recolor because you didn’t follow the instructions, you will be charged accordingly.

*If you want to add something to your tattoo that wasn’t agreed on the day, or change something that wasn’t agreed on the day, you will be charged accordingly.

*If you cancel your appointment and you write us when the three months has exceed, you will be charged accorgingly.

*If you cancel your appointment two times, you will be charged accordingly in order to get the third date – regardless on the time.

On the other hand, in case I need to reschedule for some reason, no charges will apply.



B!NGS CPH building


Vesterbrogade 149, building 6, 2nd floor

1620 Copenhagen


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