Ester Tarabal

Hi! I´m Ester Tarabal,
a Tattoo artist specialized in color

About me

Originally from Barcelona, I studied a bachelor of Fine Arts at the University of Barcelona, and right after I moved to Denmark where I would start my tattoo career.

I specialised in colour – mostly in realism – although I like to explore different styles in order to develop and, of course, have fun!
Besides tattooing, I love to create artwork via different mediums such as painting, embroidery, and drawing.

HEALED Tattoos

3 years healed
1 year healed
2,5 years healed
2 years healed

kind words

"I'm so happy with the tattoo and it was totally worth it traveling from Stockholm to Copenhagen for it. I might see you again for another tattoo another time 😍thank you!"
"I just want to text you, that I am SO happy for my tattoo and everything in terms of healing is doing very well!"
“Thanks for yesterday 🙂 I am super happy for my beautiful arm. You have fulfilled my wish in every way. Thank you very much.”

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